bevallingstechnieken voor vrouwen

Hypnobirthing is a wonderful educational tool for women who want to learn the full procedures of childbirth. It removes all the anxiety andPressurized fear that some women feel about this special time period in their life, and opens them up for greater access to the joy of childbirth and motherhood.

With hypnobirthing there is no pressure to learn the proper techniques. Hypnobirthing techniques are developed by studying the full scope of procedures for childbirth. There are no studies being done to scientifically manipulate the birthing process. Hypnobirthing methodology combines logical and practical natural solutions for the laboring mother. There is no fear, no drama, and no medical interventions! Hypnobirthing techniques include:

Learning the full scope of your pregnancy, including the stages of labor and childbirth, allows pregnant women to be uniquely positioned to experience the fullest expression of what pregnancy and motherhood is all about.

The sympathetic relaxation techniques that are so important in labor are learned. Through self-hypnosis, women can literally relax, further relaxing the entire stressful experience. They have the ability to soothe their own nervous system and relax completely during their labor and childbirth.

Giving birth is only part one of women’s preparation for giving birth to a baby. They also need to learn how to handle breastfeeding, to be extra sensitive to their baby’s needs, and to continue mental and emotional healing after giving birth.

We find that in spite of the fact that women take out their frustration on their pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and postpartum family relationships, most do best when they have learned a few simple, natural, and practical self- hypnosis techniques.

1.Start doing relaxation exercises in second grade.

To learn the complete relaxation techniques, mothers have to go through the process of learning self-hypnosis. Many mothers have been able to’heathen their still-ailing body and happier motherhood.

2.An important part of successful childbirth is feeling in control during labor.

To learn how to feel in control, pregnant women usually go through necessary Classes that provide relaxation, as well as the ability to set the tone for the rest of the birth. agony and pain together.

Mothers have the ability to control how they feel during their labor, by paying attention to the sensations that fill them up first: pressure and massaging sensations of their full perineum (the area around the vagina) when touching it with the thumb and fingers.

The pain of labor naturally becomes a mind/body experience. It is a point of mind consciousness. Pain can be surrendered. Being aware of, and accepting this pain, discipline ones mind and body. It is as if one is choosing to experience rather than have the painful sensations at all times of one’s life.

Relaxation is especially important during the actual times of labor, especially during contractions. Pain is a very strong force in labor. When one thoughts of the pain, s/he may become resistant toward the birthing process. Pain is a signal that the birthing process is about to start. A woman’s surrender into the pain will help the entire experience progress no matter what is going on outside the room (like the contractions, or the pain from pushing). Women must focus on feeling the contractions as it arrives. The contractions are there to teach the woman how to be in control, in this moment. In the discomfort, a woman will simple need to surrender to the wonderful experience of giving birth. Finally, the pain is an important part of the natural birth and is an essential part of the birthing process.

Women who were trained to focus on focusing on pain have found each other. The women can communicate with each other about their pain. Women who were trained to avoid pain had more hopelessness in giving birth, experienced higher levels of pain, and would take longer to give birth. Women who have been trained to surrender to the pain begin to give birth with the knowledge that it is totally okay to have the pain, because it is part of the process.

3.As compared to the rest of the population.

For most women, giving birth is a totally natural experience. No doubt that these highly trained women would give birth to their babies in a very natural way, but here is another way for women to feel more assured. Women who have been taught to feel confident, with their minds and bodies have not been traumatized. The body has been trained to go into labor, and most women feel that the pain of labor is a must to lesson and part of the process.

4.As a woman who wants the best for her baby and herself, including self-esteem and confidence.

Over trained birth is a very uncomfortable.